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Hello, my name is Danielle Arkit, and I’m a Lead Generation Specialist. I’ve been in the Marketing industry for 20+ years, and have worked to help grow small, medium, and large businesses. I have helped to educate and support hundreds of business owners just like you, and my programs will help you to quickly and easily set up automated systems and processes that will get leads straight to your door and help convert those leads into sales easily and with as much automation as possible. More about me…>>

We create the time for you to do what you do best.

I help you generate leads to your business through a digital strategy plan and digital advertising.
Then I will help you set up and use automatic processes to build trust with your customers and close sales.
Finally, I’ll help you to get a better quality of customer to your business, and to maximise their spend while they are there.

Our Process

Step 1: Discovery Session My goal is to discover your passion and products and bring them to life. We will discuss your key marketing goals, your marketing budget, resources available and present marketing challenges. This will determine the best “next steps” for your business.

Step 2: Strategy Session

We will finalise the audience that is the best fit for your product, select best fit digital channels, craft key messages that your business will use to market your product, and finalise the digital strategy that will bring leads to your business in the form of a 12-month Marketing Plan.

Step 3: Execute Plan

In this stage, specific tasks will be carried out by members of my team, capable members of your team (with training), or outsourced as required. Most importantly, will manage the process end-to-end to ensure quality and timeliness of delivery.

Step 4: Review Performance

Finally, a set of Marketing Performance metrics will be developed to be relevant and specific to the needs of your business. These metrics will be reviewed monthly, to ensure the return on investment in digital marketing in your business stays financially healthy.


“Danielle was the first Senior Executive I employed at CSIA who really understood my vision and had the passion to bring it to life. It was her curiosity and ability to seek out detailed information and deep dive into our clients challenges which delivered amazing insights and results on every consulting engagement we undertook.”

Brett Whitford

Founder & Director, Customer Service Institute of Australia

“It was a pleasure working with Danielle at Social Media AOK and comforting to know she was looking at all aspects of my marketing and campaigns, rather than just one part. It is so important to know they flow. She was prompt, helpful, specific and knowledgeable. I really felt she understood what I needed.”

Janet Langley

Business Owner and Business Coach, Janet Langley Coaching

“Danielle was willing to challenge what was currently being done whilst continually focusing on the end goal. In doing, so much was achieved in a short period of time. Danielle’s approach to driving change and achieving the desired outcome was undertaken in a manner that set clear expectations with all stakeholders.”

Paul Evans

Former Chief Executive Officer, B Digital Telecommunications

“Danielle has proven to be a valuable addition to the team at Baker Marketing. She has an excellent all-round knowledge of sales and marketing best practice and has displayed real drive in improving internal systems and seeking out and converting new clients for the business. She would be a valuable asset to any marketing team.”

Mark Gamtcheff

Brand and Digital Marketing Manager, Lightforce

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