About Futureproof Marketing

Hi, I’m Danielle Arkit and I specialise in Inbound Marketing, particularly, Lead Generation and Sales Funnel Management.

So, what does that mean? Well, quite simply, I get your business leads and I help you convert those leads into sales quickly, easily and with as much automation as possible.


But first, let’s roll back to 1993…

I had just graduated and was proud of my accomplishment. I came home to my father, and he asked me a strange question. He said to me: “Danielle, do you want to be wise or rich?” 

Of course, my answer was BOTH. But quite frankly, this question puzzled me. I mean, didn’t everyone want both – to be wise AND to be rich. Years on though, I understand what he was trying to say.

You see, there are so many talented specialists I know who are are amazing at what they do, highly intelligent, with great qualifications and skill-sets to back them, and even fantastic networks. BUT, converting all their skills to money is a massive challenge for them.


Fast forward to owning my own business…

As a business owner, I had the same issue. Getting leads and converting them was expensive and time consuming, in spite of my years of experience in sales. And what I had started my own business for – to stop trading dollars for hours – continued to be an ONGOING problem for me.

After taking a career break to have children, I realised that this game of trading time for money was crazy. And I knew something needed to change, so I could make money whether I was playing with my children or not. That’s when I started to get serious about digital marketing and sales automation and the idea for Futureproof Marketing was born.

With a mind for metrics as well as having consulted to for some of the most successful blue chip businesses in Australia, I was confident I could make a difference to others, small businesses like mine. I started and successfully grew two businesses, with little investment, whilst managing a toddler, a newborn and a husband working away half the year in the mines.


Honestly, the best day of my life was the day my daughter was born, not solely because of her birth, but because that day I discovered TRUE FREEDOM. I randomly checked my bank account while waiting for the nurses to attend to me, and $10K had been deposited from my business into my bank account, despite my having been “out” of the business for more than three months. That was truly the moment when the light bulb went on for me.

This was the moment I realised how important it is for everyone to have the freedom that comes with generating passive income. Income into your home while you sleep, while you look after the children, your ageing parents, or your laundry. Freedom not to be tied to anything in particular. Freedom to travel the world, or visit friends, or follow your path.


You MUST Follow Your Calling.

Every person in the world has been given a great gift. For some it is teaching, for some serving, for some healing, encouraging or giving. And when we follow the path that our spirit intuitively tells us to follow, success is generally quick to follow.

I have been lucky to meet so many incredible individuals with unique and special talents, many of whom have failed to follow their dreams because of their lack of confidence or lack of knowledge of how to stop trading dollars for hours, and start automating their businesses digitally. It’s my intention to change that and I am committed to working with businesses that truly make the world a better place through their services and products.


Do You Want To Work With Me?

So, I really hope that you’re on board to finally start reaping the rewards through following my step-by-step program to marketing success. If you are, then please check out our Free Training page to learn more.

You know, I believe, and I hope you do too, that life is too short to work with people we don’t have fun with or connect with. So, if you’re keen to work with me, you need to meet the following criteria as a minimum:

  • You need to be results oriented and committed to the success of your business
  • You need to like working with me, and I need to like working with you
  • I need to know that I can add value to your business and the path you are on, and if I truly don’t see that to be the case, then I will recommend someone who I know is, and can be, valuable to your business.

So, if you meet the above criteria and would like to work with me, I’d love to hear from you at danielle@futureproofmarketing.com.au or direct on my mobile on 0413 687 758.

But, if you are still sitting on the fence right now, I’d encourage you to take the plunge – and do the Free Training provided – you won’t regret it.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Masters of Business Administration (IT Management and Marketing)
  • Certified Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Certified Hubspot Inbound Marketing Specialist
  • Certified Call Centre Strategist
  • International Customer Service Standard Assessor
  • 10+ years experience in Marketing Strategy

Former Clients

  • St George Bank, ING Direct, CommSec, ANZ, Westpac, Bananacoast Credit Union, New England Mutual Community, BT Financial Group
  • Telstra, Optus, iiNet, B Digital Telecommunications
  • City of Sydney Council, Sydney Water, Water Corporation WA
  • NIB Health Funds, Health Partners
  • Little Athletics SA
  • Customer Service Institute of Australia
  • Australian Business
  • Australian Red Cross Blood Services
  • Toll Express and Logistics
  • Many other small and medium businesses

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