This picture looks like I literally just picked the lobster up out of the ocean, right?


My husband actually spent four hours diving with official lobster divers, up to 12 metres below the sea, pulling them out of caves, holding a flashlight with the other divers. My husband was fit, but he was still unprepared. After a few attempts, he caught one. But it was a lot harder than expected.

Getting clients in the digital environment is a lot like that.

You can do everything you think is right and still not get the leads you need. One of the biggest mistakes I see businesses make is throwing all their money into digital advertising BEFORE their website or landing page has been built properly.

Below, I have provided some tips to help you CONVERT TRAFFIC to your website.

1 – Make sure your website or landing page is MOBILE-RESPONSIVE. 80% of your customers are looking at your site from a mobile phone.

2 – Make sure your website load speed is 5 seconds or under. People are impatient, they are not going to wait around. This tool can help you determine this:

3 – Make sure there is ONE solution to ONE problem on your website. Make it clear HOW you will solve your customers problem.

4 – Items of importance should exist on the right hand side of the website. As the English language scrolls from left to right, there is a natural visual pause on the right hand side. This can result in greater success of call to actions.

5 – Install Google Analytics so you can monitor the behaviour of your clients on your website. Heat mapping tools like Mouseflow and Hotjar can also help you understand what your clients are doing and where the hot zones are.

If you’d like more help on determining why your website is not working, please feel free to email me at or call me on 0413687758 for more assistance.

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