With an ageing Australian population and massive global reach through social media, young consumers are increasingly cash rich. Many have no mortgage, no dependents, and live at home. They spend more time on their favorite social media platforms than their parents, and expect more from marketing than any generation before them.

Reach Your Demographic

With over 300 million Snapchat videos viewed daily, Snapchat may be a social media platform worth looking at for your business if you are seeking international reach. Snapchat is aimed at users in the 18-34 age bracket, with 41% of Snapchat’s overall users residing in the US.

Snapchat is a marketing tool capturing the interest of this segment, through the fun style of its application and its non-permanent nature. If you take a picture on Snapchat it lasts only 10 seconds and is erased completely after 24 hours once opened (unopened snaps stay active for up to 30 days). So, to market your products or services on this platform, a highly innovative approach will be necessary.

Engage with Your Customers

Five ways you can engage with your customers on Snapchat and market your business or products include:

  1. Accessing Live Events
  2. Showcasing New or Unique Products
  3. Creating Interest Through a Series of “Snaps” (Photos or Videos)
  4. Building Strategic Partnerships with Influencers in Your Industry
  5. Offering Specific Perks, Contests or Promotions to Your Target Market.

My favourite tool in the above list is the ability to create a “series” of snaps or videos showcasing your business or your product. A successful campaign that does this would show a particular product being used one way, and then, in a follow up snap, show the same product being used a different way. Alternatively, it could be a “watch this space” type strategy. Users would need to watch the next “snap” to understand the first one – Just like a jigsaw puzzle being put together piece-by-piece. This strategy gets users coming back, visiting your business, and become aware over time of your products and business.

Let’s relate this back to an example many Australians would be familiar with, the AAMI series of TV commercials with Rhonda and Ketut. In the first commercial, Rhonda has a car accident and AAMI deal successfully with her claim; in the second, she is on holiday being given some special treatment courtesy of AAMI, and meets a staff member of the hotel, Ketut, who she forms an instant connection with. AAMI customers were writing and emailing AAMI, to request that a third ad be built to tell them what happens between Rhonda and Ketut. Hence, the third ad was crafted as a follow up to this series. Most importantly, the target segment were on their seats, wanting to know more, and the ads were continually building excitement for them.

Some of the more successful businesses doing great things with their marketing on Snapchat include:

  • Sour Patch Kids
  • General Electric
  • Gatorade
  • Domino Pizzas; and the
  • New York Times.

Don’t let Snapchat become “the ghost in the room” for your business. If marketing to 18-34’s is important to you, then a few simple Snapchat campaigns could do wonders for your credibility with this segment. It will help and to increase brand awareness of your business and define a clear “story” in the mind of your target market. For more information on how your business can use Snapchat to help them promote, please feel free to contact me for more information. Above all, keep it simple and don’t forget to cross-promote your Snapchat icons and campaigns so that Snapchat users are aware of your presence.


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