Owning a business is a bit like drinking a thickshake too fast.

At first taste it’s that cold, fresh taste… it’s like everything you wanted, and more.

So you keep drinking, fast, faster, the gulps of liquid accelerating as you go. Enjoying every gulp. And then, all of a sudden it hits you.

The ice-cream headache.

Like – bang, smack between the eyes, nose, sinus. It’s so painful you want to cry but the best you can manage is some kind of hideos self grimace while you pull yourself together and pretend like it never happened. While internally feeling like a complete and total fool that it happened to begin with.

Owning a business is a lot like that. Before you know it, it’s swept you under. You’ll have to deal with dramas you never thought possible. Employees, taxes, budget line items, stuff that you JUST DON’T GET, over and over and over, while simultaneously pretending that it’s all ok and yet somehow wincing your way through in embarassing half gestures that leave you wondering if in fact you are a complete sham as a business owner, and whether you’d be better off just leaving your dream and moving onto, well let’s face it, a job that pays the bills.

It isn’t over yet.

Remember the sweetness of the first taste. It will come back. It might take time, but eventually it does come back.

Do you know the best cure I have found for the ice-cream headache? Simply flat palm smacking your face as quickly as you can, to get the blood flow going (Kids: don’t try this at home)…

Cause that’s painful too, but in a different way, and that second pain helps you forget how bad the first pain ever was!

See, most will just give up after the first ice-cream headache. There’s so much fear about the next ice-cream headache, they just take themselves out of the game. What? Thickshakes? Not for me thanks!

And others, well they wait until the ice has melted before they’ll dive right back into that thickshake, leaving, well a soggy, unpalatable mess behind them.

Not me – I go in for the next slurp of thickshake as soon as I can. And pray to God that I don’t encounter another one just as quickly. Sometimes I do, most of the time not. But the difference is, I’m committed, I’m not going anywhere, and I think that thickshakes still taste the best super cold.

It’s tough being in business, because it’s you on the line. The things you stand for, the things you gave up, your money, your sweat equity.

The only thing that makes it easier is more leads, more sales, and more money in your bank account to deal with the ice-cream headaches quicker.

And that’s where I come in.

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